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Office Contact Info

Phone: (617) 916-0767
Toll Free: (800) 565-5817
Director: Dan Cahill
Email: [email protected]

Office Address

833 Beacon Street
Newton, MA 02459

Office Map

Welcome to Learning Efficiency's Newton Center

Our Newton learning center is conveniently located in the heart of Newton Centre just steps away from the intersection between Beacon Street and Centre Street, with plenty of options for parking in front and around the center. Our instructor team in Newton is dedicated to fostering a one-on-one environment that will embolden your kids to realize their full potential AND have fun doing so. We work closely with our students’ families to create unique, customized goals that produce lasting results. Learning Efficiency’s Ivy League graduate faculty work with students in all academic areas from test prep, including the SAT, ACT, ISEE, and SSAT, academic tutoring, and executive function and unique learners programs. Stop by our Newton center any time to chat with our faculty and learn more about our unique programs. The main services we offer to our families include:

Academic Support

Support and Enrichment in Math, English, Science and More

Does your child have a heavy course load this year? Does your child need support in acing that physics test? Does your child need help preparing for AP exams? Want to enhance your child’s writing and reading skills? Our expert Newton faculty can offer your child one-on-one support in English, math, science, study skills, and more by giving your child the necessary tools to shine in school. Give us a call or stop by to learn more about how Learning EfficiencyTM in Newton can set your child on a path to success!

Support for Unique Learners

Transformative Programs for Students with Learning Challenges

We believe that every child is different in his or her own unique learning style. In school, where the model tends to be “one size fits all”, their incredible potential can often be overlooked. At Learning Efficiency, through our customized programs, we take the necessary steps to ensure that your child’s individual learning needs are addressed. These programs can certainly make a tremendous difference in a child’s self-esteem and academic achievement. We support students with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety disorder, executive function deficits, and nonverbal developmental delays, unlocking the true potential of every child. Ask us about our customized programs designed to help enhance your child’s true abilities.

Standardized Test Prep

Proven Test Prep Support for SAT, ACT, SSAT, and ISEE

With an average score increase of 100 points per section on the new SAT and 8 points on the ACT, our customized one-on-one test preparation programs help your student get the score that they want and need. These significant score increases have helped our students get accepted to some of the best universities in the country. These include Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Dartmouth, and Princeton. Call us today to schedule your FREE diagnostic assessment! Our highly qualified instructors will use this data to create a unique plan that will help your son or daughter achieve their intended score.

Learn About Our Process

Our educational team here in Newton is comprised of elite faculty who will create a comprehensive support network for each student. These dedicated instructors, passionate about your child’s education, have spent countless hours compiling resources to create purposeful, effective lesson plans for test prep. To maximize your child’s scoring potential on the test, we start by targeting your child’s areas of development through the use of a highly, effective diagnostic tool. At the same time, we also strive to enhance his or her areas of strength and test prep goals within the necessary timeframe.

Comprehensive Assessments

Our customized assessments assess where each student is RIGHT NOW across a wide range of sub-topics. Whether you are getting ready to take the SAT, need targeted support in academic subjects like Math, Science and English or need to understand how your Special Learner can best be supported, our diagnostics point you in the right direction to design the most effective learning plans for your child.

Customized Learning Plans

Our diagnostic tools provide our faculty and education team the data we need to design customized learning plans which efficiently address your child's specific deficits, challenge and extend their strengths and focus on the topics and areas they would most benefit from by not wasting valuable time on areas which won't help your child. We revisit these plans a MINIMUM of every 8 weeks to make sure your child's support is always targeting their specific needs in real time.

1-on-1 Instruction with World Class Faculty

Supported by our education team, our dedicated faculty members will work with your child to develop the processes and frameworks needed to achieve their objectives. Your faculty members are never alone in helping your child succeed - all of our faculty members meet on a weekly basis to discuss EVERY student’s learning plan and check in with our global education support team at least twice every month to ensure they are using the most effective tools we have available.

Regular Reporting

You should always know WHAT we are doing with your child and WHY we are doing it. We have the most robust reporting processes in the industry to ensure you are properly informed. We regularly call all of our parents and provide extensive progress reports every semester which provide a great deal of detail and recommendations for each of our students. We are also always happy to meet with you to explain the progress we are seeing and areas of continued focus moving forward.

Meet Our Faculty

Dan Cahill

Dan Cahill

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Pim Senanarong

Pim Senanarong

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Sam Birmingham

Sam Birmingham

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Megan Collins

Megan Collins

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