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Why is My Child Struggling with Reading? LEAP 3.0 Addresses the Underlying Causes

Reading Doesn’t Have To Be
An Uphill Battle

Reading requires high-level integration of a number of different regions in the brain. In order to read a word, we need to receive input at a sensory-motor level using our visual systems and attention. Next, our cognitive processes like auditory analysis and working memory help us to unlock the word’s pronunciation by connecting the symbols we see to the sounds we recognize. Finally, higher order skills like language processing and executive functioning allow us to derive meaning from what we read. If any one of these underlying processes is operating inefficiently, the whole experience of reading can become a challenge.

LEAP 3.0 addresses reading skills at every level of processing through targeted exercises which help the brain, eyes and auditory processing channels coordinate information accurately and efficiently.

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4 Reasons People Struggle with Reading

Attention and Working Memory Challenges
Difficulty Matching Sounds to Letters
Trouble with Visual Tracking
Executive Functioning


When we read, we take a visual cue from the letters on a page and “speak” them into our brain through input channels normally used for auditory processing. With dyslexia, this visual-auditory process, called the phonological loop, is more difficult to synchronize. LEAP 3.0 addresses this challenge through targeted exercises which help the brain, eyes, and auditory processing channels coordinate information accurately and efficiently. LEAP 3.0 students should expect to see dramatic improvements in:

  • Reading fluency and comprehension
  • Working memory
  • Enhanced attention and focus – particularly reading and writing
  • Improved social skills
  • Strengthened visual tracking and binocularity – improving decoding and listening
  • Significantly improved writing skills and expressive language
  • Writing skills

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