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Overcome Writing Challenges - Leverage Your Summer with LEAP 3.0

Writing Doesn’t Have To Be
An Uphill Battle

Children and adults alike often find writing difficult, and it’s no wonder. Writing in itself is a complex process that integrates a host of skills from planning and organization to language processing and working memory. Our attention and stamina can also impact our ability to complete writing tasks. If any one of these underlying skills poses difficulty, the simple process of writing a paragraph becomes significantly less simple.

At Learning Efficiency, we understand that our students would do better if they could.

Based on over 50,000 hours of research, our highly customizable LEAP 3.0 program addresses writing challenges at the root by optimizing our students’ underlying cognitive, sensory-motor, and executive functioning systems. LEAP 3.0 can also be coupled with writing support to provide both long-lasting cognitive results along with direct academic instruction.

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4 Reasons Students Struggle with Writing

Trouble Putting Thoughts into Words
Organizational Challenges
Writing is Exhausting
Writing Takes Time

Combat the Summer Slide

At Learning Efficiency, our highly customizable programs allow you to leverage the time you have this summer and set your student up for success. LEAP 3.0 can be adapted and combined with academic work to target challenges on every level of learning. We craft each student’s learning objectives based upon an initial assessment as well as input from that student’s parents and teachers. Call us today at 1-800-988-5010 or email us at [email protected] to discuss what a personalized LEAP 3.0 program would look like for your child.

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