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LEAP 3.0: The 50-100 Hours That Transform Learning

LEAPTM 3.0 is currently the only program that constantly synthesizes groundbreaking research regarding how students and their brains learn best. Our team has identified, designed, and tested principles for successfully helping students of all profiles, especially those who struggle in the traditional one-size-fits-all educational model. Through our thousands of student sessions, we have found that these students are better equipped to find long-term success when they prioritize addressing gaps in their underlying, foundational learning skills before seeking conceptual support for subjects like Math, English or Science. LEAP focuses on enhancing the brain’s efficiency and gets results by customizing a targeted program from over 250 hours of exercises. Through LEAP, students complete increasingly difficult game-like tasks that strengthen neural connections and allow for measurable practice applying sensory motor, cognitive, and executive functioning skills across multiple academic and social contexts.

LEAP 3.0 is able to help students with a broad array of learning challenges including students with: ADHD, Dyslexia, Working Memory Challenges, Executive Functioning Deficit, High Anxiety, Social Challenges, and Trouble Staying Organized.

How Can LEAP Be Effective for So Many Different Types of Students?

The key insight powering LEAP is that understanding how each person’s body takes in, processes, and ultimately uses information is a strong predictor of how effective they can be in school and beyond. Furthermore, we’ve found that learning challenges and disorders as varied as ADHD, Dyslexia, Executive Functioning deficit and Anxiety consistently co-occur with specific underdeveloped foundational skills and processes. Our team realized that by customizing a program that leverages a student’s strengths, while supporting their deficits with targeted interventions, we can significantly improve outcomes for many students. In essence, although LEAP can help students with a wide variety of learning challenges… everyone’s LEAP program is unique.

On average, students who participate in LEAP 3.0 for a minimum of 50 hours (out of 250 hours of available exercises) improved by an average of over 4.9 years in cognitive growth!

Who LEAP Helps

Meet Casey – Who Went from Refusing to Do Homework to Managing her ADHD

Casey came to us in 4th grade for support with her attention and persistence on difficult tasks shortly after she was diagnosed with ADHD. A major challenge for Casey was orienting to and navigating new situations. She would give up very quickly on anything that felt difficult, particularly math. Casey often refused to do homework and withdrew from situations leaving her very behind in school. After her Learning Efficiency assessment, skills at all three foundational levels were identified that impacted her academic and life skills profile. Casey’s LEAP program was 3 times a week for 6 months targeting gross motor coordination, controlling ocular impulses, enhancing sustained attention, increasing logic and reasoning, and practicing situational awareness.

In the months she started coming to Learning Efficiency, her mother noticed that Casey became more focused and aware of her potential. Casey learned to control her impulses and pay attention to subtle social cues, which allowed her to play and cooperate with others. While previously, she would get upset whenever math was mentioned, Casey now not only practices her number sense and takes pride in her work, but also has started to complete academic homework for all subjects for the first time in her life.

Meet Adrian – Who Went from Reading 2 Words Per Minute to a Top Private School

Adrian came to us as a 7th grader who found reading extremely challenging. He was reading at a rate of 2 words per minute, often bringing the paper right up to his eye and sounding out one letter at a time. Adrian and his family had tried everything before coming to us at Learning Efficiency – including getting help from school and a number of external providers. He was at risk of dropping out of school because he was failing most of his classes.

At Learning Efficiency, our targeted diagnostics allowed us to focus on Adrian’s key issues, not just the symptoms of English or History class. With just 80 hours of customized support from our proprietary LEAP program, focusing on underlying sensory-motor issues and cognitive processing deficits, Adrian’s reading rate rose to over 180 words per minute (within normal age expectations) and his grades to all A’s and B’s. Today, Adrian is attending one of the top private high schools (with an exceptionally competitive admission process) in the United States.

Meet Tiffany – Who Went from Not Following Along in Class to Getting All A’s

Tiffany came to us in 4th grade as a remarkable athlete struggling mightily in school. She found it difficult to accurately hear her teacher’s explanations, organize information and complete even basic homework. Over the span of 5 years, Tiffany has stayed with Learning Efficiency for a series of sequenced programs. First, we worked on her ability to take in auditory information, enhancing her brain’s speed and ability to process that information. Then, she received regular study skills support to figure out how to prioritize, manage, analyze and express information in an academic context.

Today, Tiffany is thriving – moving from failing grades to getting almost all A’s in Honors coursework at the high school level and being recruited as an athlete to some of the best colleges in the country. Although coming to Learning Efficiency for such an extended amount of time was a considerable investment, Tiffany and her parents happily acknowledge that her opportunities would not have been available to her without Learning Efficiency.

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