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Helps Struggling Learners Go From Surviving to Thriving

We know that with effective executive function and study skills, someone who starts off struggling can thrive with Academic Coaching that provides targeted support and practice. Often times, balancing school, sports, work, and home can get in the way of your child’s capacity to express his or her full potential. Our organizational support experts help our students with time management, organization, planning and flexibility and give them the tools they need to make better choices and avoid procrastination.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to effective study skills! Using your child's own insights as a starting point, our highly trained faculty design an individualized learning and organization system to support the study skills each student needs to become a more efficient and effective learner.

Our Academic Coaching Program

What Are Study Skills?

Executive function and study skills are the organizational processes that help students pay attention to their surroundings, prioritize their work, manage their time, and get things done. When your child is busy balancing a full course load and many different extracurricular activities, executive function and study skills allow your child to effectively complete homework while also assessing for quality.

This looks a little different for each student so our Academic Coaching is completely customized. For some students, they need support better utilizing their existing organizational tools and habits. For others, they need help prioritizing tasks and realistically estimating how long each one will take them. Better executive functioning skills allow your child to make the most of their time and efforts!

Why Are Self-Management and Study Skills Important?

Whether focusing on academics or beyond, executive function and study skills are crucial life skills to have. Personal organizational effectiveness can help students maximize their learning in the classroom, while also allowing them to balance activities outside of school. For college and career, being able to make positive decisions about their time will grant your child more opportunities for success. College students often comment on the level of time management skills they need to navigate life after high school. Similarly, research has shown that time management and executive functioning skills are far more crucial to to professional success as an adult than academic skills.

Our Academic Coaches specialize in guiding your child’s development of these skills during middle school and high school which will open opportunities for them for the rest of their life!

Commitment To You

Improving executive function and study skills is a process that not only involves the right instruction but also the consistency and flexibility to adjust to your student’s growth over time. Our Academic Coaches are dedicated to collaborating with you to ensure your child is fully supported. From regular check-ins, to emailing your child’s teachers to coordinate process and workflow, to helping kids avoid procrastination and finish their homework more efficiently, we are here to ensure your child is empowered!

Experienced Faculty

We understand that developing executive functioning and organizational skills are an important part of a student’s educational journey and the faculty they work with is critical to their success. The Academic Coaches at Learning EfficiencyTM have attended Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Columbia along with many more of the world's greatest universities and are specially trained to support students in executive functioning. Attending a top university alone is not enough to ensure effective teaching abilities so, at Axiom, we screen for engaging personalities, subject-matter expertise, teaching ability, and, most of all, dedication to their students' success. At Learning Efficiency, our Academic Coaches don't just teach, they mentor and inspire. Time and again, students who have gone elsewhere for support without success have come to Learning Efficiency and found that our customized instructional approach allows them to go from struggling to thriving. Click Here To Learn More About Our Team.

Tight Schedule? We're Open 7 Days a Week!

Today's student is busier than ever, which is why effective organizational habits are crucial! To make the most of your time, Learning Efficiency is available 7 days a week — whether at one of our centers or at your home, we are customized to your schedule. Whether you need support every day or just once a week, Learning Efficiency’s team is here and ready to help.

Learning Efficiency's Principles of Effective Academic Coaching

Comprehensive Assessments

We normally start off our Academic Coaching support with an in-depth assessment of your child’s existing skills and needs. Our faculty observes your child's time management, organization, planning and flexibility through a series of proprietary simulations and exercises. Being able to target the areas of your child's study skills needs allows us to have the most efficient and effective sessions possible. We know that students are incredibly busy and time is particularly precious, so we want to ensure that our time is best used to help optimize their skills as quickly as possible. Sign Up For An Assessment Today to receive a full report regarding your child's current organizational skills, where they can continue to grow, and what our recommendations are.

Ongoing Support with Gradual Release

Our study skills assessment provides our faculty the observations and data we need to build customized learning plans. These plans are designed to address each student's specific challenges while also leveraging areas of strength. Our team pulls from a wealth of proprietary tools, and even creates new ones when existing strategies are not enough. Faculty experts pinpoint processes that are holding your student back, model effective study habits, and purposefully assign responsibility to your student with the goal of him or her reaching independence. Building new habits can be a challenging process and it takes a meaningful mutual commitment to providing guidance that puts students in a position to put forth their best work.

1-on-1 Instruction

Our specially trained and dedicated Academic Coaches work with each student to develop the processes and frameworks needed to achieve their objectives. For executive function and study skills support to be successful, we typically see students 2-3 times a week depending on the level of support they require. During sessions, students are introduced to organizational tools that match their learning profile, given space to implement them, and provided immediate feedback. Your child’s instructional team is also never alone in helping your student succeed - all of our Academic Coaches meet on a weekly basis to discuss EVERY student’s progress and check in with our global education support team at least twice every month to ensure they are using the most effective tools we have available.

Regular Reporting

​​​​​​You should always know what we are doing with your child and why we are doing it. We have the most robust reporting processes in the industry to ensure you are properly informed. We regularly call all of our parents and provide extensive progress reports which provide context and detailed recommendations for each of our students. We also recognized the importance of parent involvement and are always happy to meet with you at any time.

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